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Adult Incontinence Products

adult incontinence productsWhether it is Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, physical ailments or an adverse reaction to medication, adult incontinence products are a necessity.

At The Alzheimer's Store we have tested the best quality products. We attend medical products shows to test all the high quality products on the market and can find none better than the Adult Incontinence Products that we sell.

Our products carry the most absorbent polymers in just the right places. They quickly draw the liquid away from the body to prevent wetness, leakage and rashes.

Our customers in general use half the amount of product compared to the ones purchased at a typical store. We believe in our Adult Incontinence Products. We have sold them for years and know that our brands are the best value on the market. Once our customers try them, they always reorder!

Throughout this process, it is important to provide adult incontinence products that ensure the comfort and protection of the individual as well as their living conditions.

For urinary incontinence, there are many options that not only protect, but maintain a level of modesty. Our pads available for sheets and bedding are washable, helping provide easier clean-up for the caregiver.

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adult-night-incontinence-pad Adult Night Incontinence Pad

Keeps you dry and comfortable!

Price: $74.95