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Meet Alzstore's Expert: Bruce Barnet

Bruce BarnetBruce is a Certified Caregiver who along with his family took their own knowledge of working with a family member with Alzheimer's to create a worldwide resource of products that aide the caregiver of those with the symptoms of the disease.

Working with major product developers, University researchers and Alzheimer's organizations, The Alzheimer's Store offers a myriad of products that can help alleviate the common challenges that exists as a person's memory slips away.

Mr. Barnet lectures and writes articles on how products geared towards the specific behaviors that Alzheimer's, dementia and memory loss trigger can substantially manage the patient's daily lives and fundamentally assist the caregiver.

Fill out form to submit questions to Bruce so that he can offer suggestions on which product(s) will benefit your loved one. ...be sure to include your telephone number if you would like him to reach out to you with a phone call. Bruce will get back to you within 24 hours.