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Durable Medical Equipment (DME) is any equipment that provides therapeutic benefits to a patient in need because of certain medical conditions and/or illnesses. so that patients can achieve greater independence at home. We provide equipment, ranging from wheelchairs, walkers to commodes.

Increased knowledge of the importance of maintaining an active life has led to the older generation being motivated to remain active. Mobility is a deciding factor in this process and when reduced there are obvious risks associated with inactivity and the ensuing, rapidly reduced state of health. When mobility is reduced, the older person’s ability to manage everyday situations is affected and he/she may increasingly become dependent on the resources of relatives or on the community services.

senior sitting in walkerWalkers have been proven to fill an important function in enabling people to move around independently despite severely diminished functional capabilities. When a walker is used, the risk of fractures due to falls can be reduced despite a decline in general status of health. Physical activity is critical in the process of fracture prevention and the fact that the older person can walk independently and move around outdoors contributes to strengthening muscles and skeleton, thus reducing fractures even though a fall may still occur.

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Caregiver Call Button - Sends Signal to Pager Caregiver Call Button - Sends Signal to Pager

Push the button for instant page to the caregiver!

Price: $129.95
Care Pad Care Pad

Increase comfort and ease transfers between bed and chair.

Price: $89.95