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Looking for a dementia DVD? ..Then look no further than Teepa Snow's videos! Teepa Snow plays to a sell out crowd whenever she speaks about Dementia. In our opinion, she deserves the Academy Award for acting, writing, directing and producing these dementia DVDs.

Teepa Snow's DVDs include how to handle the most challenging types of dementia with the person centered care approach. A particularly difficult subject to discuss is Frontotemporal Dementias or (FTDs) as it deals with the challenges of erratic behavior and the loss of language. This can leave both the caregiver and the patient feeling frustrated and helpless.

Teepa Snow's videos actually demonstrate her hands on approach to caregiving using techniques that cannot be explained as well in books. She has a positive approach to understanding all the stages of this disease and explaining the difference in the diseases.

Included below free of charge from The Alzheimer's Store is Teepa Snow's Ebook defining the many forms of dementia along with her downloadable Hospital Bag Checklist.

Teepa Snow's videos are the best learning and management tools for dementia, Alzheimer's or any type of memory loss on the market today.

Teepa SnowTeepa Snow - "The Horse Whisperer of Dementia"

Teepa was given the unusual, but as we think very fitting title of “The Horse Whisperer of Dementia.” Teepa, with her unapologetic and from-the-heart techniques, bridges the gap between patient and caregiver like no other.

Her advocacy for person-centered care is all-encompassing, including some of the most challenging types of dementia. One of them, Frontotemporal Dementias (FTDs), is particularly challenging as erratic behaviors and loss of language can leave patient and caregiver feeling frustrated and helpless.

The more you know the better of a caregiver you can be! The National Institute on Aging's E-Book "Frontotemporal Disorders - Information for Patients, Families and Caregivers" is full of information and resources - View E-Book

FREE Teepa Snow Hospital Bag Checklist: "Dementia Hospital Bag - What to Bring When Going to the Hospital" - Download Teepa Snow's Hospital Checklist Here...

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