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5 of 5 Music Player February 26, 2023
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Weymouth, MA United States  
I bought the music player for my sister who had a developmental disability. She is 56 years old, lives in a group home and LOVES big band music and has a collection of CD's that beats the library of Congress, however, these are getting harder and harder to find, and they tend to get scratched and she seeks replacements.  CD players are also a thing of the past.  I tried a tablet for her but without success.  This Music Player will be a Christmas present, and i will load more music on it (it does not appear to have any vocals and she loves Tony Bennett as well!) so I hope she likes it as much as I do!

5 of 5 Music to mom's ears! September 24, 2018
Reviewer: Holly from Vancouver, BC Canada  
Thank you for making this wonderful product available!  It's so easy to turn on and off, yet the volume is set so it can't be turned too loud.  The music creates a nice calming atmosphere for my mom when she's alone in her room.

5 of 5 Brought tears to my eyes to see my mom with it January 29, 2018
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from ,  
I listened to my mom's music throughout my entire life. I watched my parents waltz whenever they had a chance. My mom has been a widow since she was 51 After moving into an adult facility when she was 75 (now 87), she stopped listening to her music as her memory on how to use her old turntable wasn't what it used to be. She is terrified of today's technology so the idea of an iPAD was off the table. Her mobility is gone so she spends most of her days in bed or in her recliner watching TV. I bought this stereo , deleted the preloaded files and loaded it with over 300 of her favorites. We went through her albums and built her hours of walks down memory lane. The design makes the stereo look old so it does not intimidate my mom. I was shocked at the incredible sound quality! The easy open/close lid and skip button is perfect. I watched her reclining in her chair listening to Jim Reeves with her eyes closed knowing she was lost in memories of waltzing with my dad. I can't thank you enough.

5 of 5 Thanks for the musical memories! May 25, 2017
Reviewer: Carol Hanna from Holualoa, HI United States  
My mother loves it and I'm so pleased with the sound quality.

5 of 5 Very easy to use May 25, 2017
Reviewer: Alicia Bradshaw from Chattanooga, TN United States  
My mom and I love that this music player is soooo simple to use! Great purchase!

5 of 5 Executive Assistant May 19, 2017
Reviewer: Karen Perronne from Sheboygan Falls, WI United States  
We purchased this Music Player a couple of months ago and our residents enjoy it tremendously.   We have received many positive comments from residents and families.

4 of 5 Very good May 19, 2017
Reviewer: Jenny Farrell from Marong, Victoria Australia  
Service was very fast. Love the Music Player. Very easy to download songs. Great instructions on the internet but we didn't need them.
Didn't know that it came with a USA power cord. We had to go out and buy another cord suitable for Australia.

4 of 5 Use May 14, 2017
Reviewer: Lylah Gorman from Gainesville , FL United States  
The music player came per loaded. Loading more music on the player is very time consuming and complex for me. I'm sure a person who is a computer tech could do it in a breeze. Easy for the patient to use.

5 of 5 Perfect Gift May 9, 2017
Reviewer: Henry Mallory III from Mount Juliet, TN United States  
My mother absolutely loves her music box as she calls it. We loaded it with her favorite songs and a couple sermons. She'll sit on the side of the bed and pat her hands and as she says "I'm having church" She really loves and we love the smile it puts on her face! Great product.

5 of 5 Music Player May 5, 2017
Reviewer: Sylvain Cere from Blainville, QC Canada  
I was searching for something simple to play music for my mother, after searching the net, I found the music player.

Very easy to upload music on it and the sound is very good.

My mother love it!

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