Shopping shouldn’t be stressful – living with a family member with Alzheimer’s is difficult enough!

When our family member was diagnosed at with Alzheimer’s disease everything changed quickly for our family. We found that she was often frustrated with simple tasks that were becoming more difficult for her. Even some daily activities, like walking out the front door, became unsafe. We did some extensive research and decided we needed some key products, like a wandering alert device for the back door, an uncomplicated activity for my mom that she could enjoy, an easy-to-dial telephone and an easy music player (she loves music).

What happened next surprised us.
The products had to be ordered from the U.S.A. There were times we had to wait months... there were products that arrived missing pieces or did not work. There had to be a better way! So we decided that we could assist Canadian families dealing with Alzheimer’s/dementia with quality products here in Canada and the was born. We have chosen products that are well made, from dependable suppliers and manufacturers and that we have tested (by our own mom). We hope you will enjoy browsing the, and feel confident that any product you choose will make your life a little easier!

Thanks for shopping with us!