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Picture Memory Phones & Phone Without Dial Pad (Dial-less Incoming Only)

It is important to equip the person with the appropriate telephone to ensure their safety. Telephones that have pictures instead of numbers make dialing easier. Even in the beginning stages of dementia, those with early onset Alzheimer's and elderly seniors, begin forgetting phone numbers. They may need assistance to remember who they are calling. Our memory picture phones and dial-less phones are a great aide to the caregivers as well. The picture phone for seniors can also be programmed to eliminate calling the advertisements as seen on TV.

The telephone is an appliance that has been in use since childhood and forgetting the number becomes very frustrating for our senior population. Phones for dementia, like the memory picture phones can solve these issues. These memory phones hold photos of family and caregivers and the buttons can be programmed to call the person whose picture is placed there.

These phones come in two varieties; the Picture Memory Phone that just has pictures and the Memory Phone (good for all seniors and elderly as well as children) that have numbers and pictures. The picture memory phone can also be programmed with all the buttons only going to one number so that the "loved one" cannot make any random calls at all and there will always be an understanding, caring voice at the other end.

Many seniors are up at night and are seduced by the infomercials, calling to order what is being advertised. By programming all buttons to one number, you can control this pattern of behavior that can be common in the elderly and those with dementia.

The Dial-less phone only receives calls. In the middle and late stages of Alzheimer's, confusion can lead to worse situations with your loved one anxious at the simple thought of dialing out or calling at inappropriate hours when they are unaware of the time. Our dial-less phone eliminates that trouble, providing you the means to reach your loved one without burdening them with the worries that come with dialing out.

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memory-picture-phone Memory Picture Phone - Amplified w/Speaker Button

Picture dial pad - Ideal for seniors with dementia

Price: $149.95
memory-picture-phone Memory Picture Phone - Amplified

Picture dial pad - Ideal for seniors with dementia

Price: $149.95
dial-less-phone Dial-less Telephone

Eliminates anxiety to dial out...

Price: $119.95
Photo Phone Dialer for Dementia - Canada Photo Phone w/ Hands-Free Dialing

Call using photo buttons -or- large keypad buttons!

Price: $139.95