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We are constantly adding new products to our site and so we created this page to make it easy for our return customers to easily find and review new and exciting offerings for your loved one's. We search the world for these new products that can help the caregiver as well as those with Alzheimer’s,dementia and memory loss.

Many products are suggested to us by consumers like yourself. If you have a suggestion please email it to alzstore@shaw.ca and we will consider it. Come back often as we are constantly adding new and exciting items to our line of products.

In addition to offering top of the line products, we offer advice on all products we carry. Just ask us at alzstore@shaw.ca.

tv-remote-control-for-seniors TV Remote For Seniors

Great device for all those senior TV buffs!

Price: $74.95
music-player Music Player

An MP3 Player for the elderly! Upload up to 1,000 songs!

Price: $269.99
Musical Bear for Elderly I Music Teddy Bear I Alzstore Canada Blaney - Musical Teddy Bear

Just squeeze my “paws button” and I'll play your favorite tunes!

Price: $149.99
classic oldies songs - on flash drive Classic Oldies Songs - MP3 Playlists

Just plug in this flash drive and listen to all your beloved Oldies classics!

Price: $89.99
tv-remote-control-for-seniors Flipper Remote For Seniors - Canada

Simple & Easy-to-Use Remote!

Price: $74.95
Gel-Maze-Pad-for-Visual-Stimulation-Canada Gel Maze

Gel Maze contributes to brain stimulation, increased finger strength
and improved finger dexterity!

Price: $59.95
Optro Non-Slip Film Optro Non-Slip Film

BEST Non-Slip, Anti-Slip Solution!! Our barefoot friendly fine textured vinyl provides
firm traction in both wet and dry conditions.

Price: $34.95
track-maze-amazing-chase-for-visual-stimulation-dementia-Canada Track Maze Amazing Chase™

Track Maze is a fantastic game to stimulate and engage people with dementia.

Price: $34.95
the-tool-shed-creative-scenes-for-activity-dementia-canada The Tool Shed Creative Scenes

Enables people to create their own tool shed using a set of magnetic pieces

Price: $32.95
the-baking-Cupboard-creative-scenes-for-activity-dementia-canada The Baking Cupboard Creative Scenes

Enables people to create their own baking cupboard using a set of magnetic pieces

Price: $32.95