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Products For Alzheimer's

We have designed the shopping experience of our store to make it easier for the dementia community to find the products they need for their patients and Loved Ones.

You can choose to shop either by Stages (Early, Middle, Late), by Category, by browsing our entire store, or by our most popular products.

BY STAGE: The products are listed in the Early, Middle and Late stages of memory loss and some of the stages overlap. A definition of each stage is given on the particular category page.

ACTIVITIES FOR DEMENTIA: We are constantly looking for new activities to keep the mind sharp, the body in motion and include verbal communication too.

BATHROOM SAFETY: The highest accident rate in a home occurs in a bathroom. If a patient is traumatized in the bathroom, it can lead to them only using it with an escort. Keeping a loved one independent longer is the best approach.

BOOKS & DVDS: Our collection of DVDs provide hours of soothing relaxation and we continue to add to our selection. We carry many popular books in different categories; from our newest offer that introduces a child to her grandfather's Alzheimer's to How To Alzheimer's Proof Your Home, which is a step-by-step guide for everything about the disease.

CLOCKS: Our collection of clocks are strictly meant for those with memory loss. They are easy to read and give the pertinent information. Reminder Rosie is a little different as its primary function is not so much as a clock you read but as one that announces the time as well as any recorded message the caregiver wants to be played at a particular time. Please see the video as it is a treat.

CLOTHING: Our clothing line and protectors are loose fitting and easy to wear.

DINING: We are the exclusive distributor of FIND products in North America. Our Safety Glassware and Dinnerware are designed and produced by FIND. They are used in most every memory facility in England. We continue to search the world and design new product to make the dining experience safe and enjoyable.

DOLL THERAPY: Our assortment of dolls are used by many of the major reminiscence facilities throughout North America. Dolls and Teddy Bears can be seen as a play thing but when used in a proper therapy manner can be just the right amount of responsibility to keep the patient occupied and happy.

FACILITIES: These are products that memory care units find the most popular for their needs. Signage can only be purchased in quantity as they are custom made and the buyer can contact us at alzstore@shaw.ca to place an order.

GAMES: Games are particularly useful to the caregiver to determine what stage of dementia the patient has advanced to. It is very helpful for the caregiver to have one of our Tote Bags filled with several activities (at a discounted price) when first going to a home. Many care agencies buy them and loan them out to a caregiver when they make their initial visit.

GPS SMART SOLE: This is a shoe pad with a tracking element.

INCONTINENCE PRODUCTS: There are plenty of products on the market. We feature the Tranquility brand as we have tested them all side by side and in our opinion this is the best. They do cost more but are cheaper in the long run because you use less. Once a customer tries them, they always come back for more.

MUSIC THERAPY: Beside songs for all occasions, some with sing-a-long books and DVDs, we have an old fashioned music player that is preloaded with 40 songs but you are able to add to the venue by downloading your own favorites. We continue to bring you new selections and your suggestions are greatly appreciated especially in faith based music.

MEMORY PHONES: Our selection on memory phones handles the progression of the disease. These keep your loved one safe.

PUZZLES: We have a large selection of the best puzzles and growing all the time. They are not difficult and are available for every stage.

SAFETY FOR SENIORS: These products are meant to keep our loved ones safe so we grouped them together.

TEEPA SNOW: Teepa is the foremost training specialist in the world. She should get the Academy Award for producing, writing and staring in these must have videos. If you are going to be the family caregiver, buy them and watch them repeatedly for training methods on how to handle interactive situations. Also her FREE book on our site will give you a great background to ascertain that "maybe its not Alzheimer's."

WANDERING: We have the cutting edge of products from GPS devices to fire rated door murals and from motion detectors to memory boxes. But the NUMBER ONE MUST HAVE is the EMERGENCY MEDICAL ALERT BRACELET. Please note that we offer quantity discounts to facilities.

Whichever way you choose to shop, our products will assist you, the caregiver, to manage and improve the daily life of your loved one and make their day a less stressful and rewarding one.

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Slip-Resistant Tread Socks, 3 Pair/Pkg curious cat puzzle activity for dementia canada sheep dog puzzle activity for dementia canada
Double Imprint Anti-Slip socks
This illustration has been carefully chosen to stimulate memories and conversation once the puzzle is completed. This illustration has been carefully chosen to stimulate memories and conversation once the puzzle is completed.
the-tool-shed-creative-scenes-for-activity-dementia-canada the-baking-Cupboard-creative-scenes-for-activity-dementia-canada Optro Non-Slip Film
Optro Non-Slip Film
Price: $34.95
Enables people to create their own tool shed using a set of magnetic pieces Enables people to create their own baking cupboard using a set of magnetic pieces BEST Non-Slip, Anti-Slip Solution!! Our barefoot friendly fine textured vinyl provides
firm traction in both wet and dry conditions.
adult-coloring-books-for-seniors-dementia-canada adult-coloring-books-for-seniors-dementia-canada track-maze-amazing-chase-for-visual-stimulation-dementia-Canada
Aquapaint™ products aim
to prompt conversation about days spent in the garden.
Aquapaint™ products aim
to prompt conversation about days spent in the garden.
Track Maze is a fantastic game to stimulate and engage people with dementia.
child-senior-proof-cabinet-locks Magic Painting Book for Seniors - Canada Vintage Match-It Cards
Magic Painting Book
Price: $39.95

Senior safety feature for keeping the cabinets locked!

An entertaining activity book! ....you will be amazed at the "magical" quality!

Great Memory & Conversation Game
door-alarm-with-keypad Aerobics for the Mind complete-guide-to-alzheimers-proofing-your-home

Never leave the house unnoticed!

Fitness cards for the mind…

The Complete Guide to Alzheimer's Proofing Your Home

Confounding Door Lock  - Canada stop-sign-banner-to-deter-wandering-canada Lace Away Dexterity Activity Tray
Stop Sign Banner
Price: $49.95

A clever lock to prevent wandering!

Great deterrent for dementia wandering!

An excellent concentration activity with good use of hand-eye coordination!
Emotion Cards Playable Art Ball - Fidget Toy for Dementia Gel-Maze-Pad-for-Visual-Stimulation-Canada
Emotion Cards
Price: $59.50
Gel Maze
Price: $59.95
Eighty cards illustrating a wide range of emotions

How many designs can you create?

Gel Maze contributes to brain stimulation, increased finger strength
and improved finger dexterity!
audio animal bingo game for dementia tool-shed-scentscapes-for-seniors-dementia-canada Reminiscence Conversation Cards
Animal Audio Bingo
Price: $59.95
Helps improve cognitive functions and social participation! Designed to offer both sound and scents of various popular experiences Reflections of life in decades gone by
dementia-caregivers-guide Expression Cards - Seniors adult-night-incontinence-pad

Positive approach & unique techniques for individuals with advancing dementia...

80 Diverse Seniors Expression Cards

Keeps you dry and comfortable!

Stop Sign Banner to Deter Wandering - Canada activity-apron Lacing Shapes Activity Boards Set/3
Activity Apron
Price: $79.95
Highly visible door barrier helps to reduce wandering. Dementia activity to keep occupied An excellent activity to keep hands busy