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Ageucation Activities Designed for People with Dementia

It's important to have thoughtful and specially designed activities for those with Dementia, Alzheimer's and others who live with similar types of memory loss. At The Alzheimer's Store we are constantly testing new stimulating activities to help your patient or loved-one remain engaged with the outside world and with each other. Be sure to look at our MUSIC THERAPY category for our music player and other music related items.

Choosing activities and entertainment that remind the user of their past interests is key. With our collection of AGEUCATION ACTIVITIES you can find a new way to help them celebrate their passion. The Alzheimer’s Store also carries an assortment of mind-strengthening activity books. Using brainstorming and matching games, you are helping dementia patients exercise their cognitive skills and hold onto cherished memories!

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adult-draw-the-pattern-book-for-dementia-Canada Draw the Pattern

Engage the minds of seniors with our large dot draw the pattern activity!

Price: $49.95
things-that-go-together-game-dementia-canada Match It Things That Go Together Activity

'Bread & Butter'....... 'Peas & Carrots' are common pairs of Things That Go Together.

Price: $49.95
memory-training-game-dementia-canada Memory Training

This game will give your short term memory a good developmental workout!

Price: $49.95
sort-it-activity-game-dementia-Canada Sort It Game

Sort by Objects, Colours, or shapes

Price: $49.95
jumbo-game-cards-matching-reminiscent "I Have It!" Game

The player that has the image says, "I Have It"!

Price: $49.95
grocery-shopping-game-dementia-canada Grocery Shopping Game

Let's go Grocery Shopping!

Price: $54.95
tool-shopping-game-dementia-canada Tool Shopping Game

Find the Tools on your Shopping Card and Check Them off As you Find Them!

Price: $54.95
harvest-it-shopping-game-dementia-Canada Harvest It Game

Find the Fruits & Vegetables on your Shopping Card and Check Them off As you Find Them!

Price: $54.95
finish-the-phrase-game-dementia-canada Finish the Phrase

Finish the Phrase Activity is a fun activity for those in the mild to mid stages of memory loss.

Price: $54.95
finish-the-sequence-activity-canada Finish the Sequence Activity Book

Finish The Sequence will give your brain a good workout!

Price: $54.95
adult-packing-for-a-trip-game-for-dementia-canada Packing For A Trip

Packing For A Trip Game Also Incorporates Reminiscence Therapy!

Price: $54.95
adult-match-it-colours-and-shapes-for-dementia-canada Match It! Colours & Shapes

Match It Game Colours & Shapes - A Twist on the Classic Matching Game

Price: $54.95
adult-match-it-game-for-dementia-canada Match It Game Vintage Edition

Match It Game Vintage Edition Also Incorporates Reminiscence Therapy!

Price: $59.95
adult-daily-activities-sequencing-game-for-dementia-Canada Daily Activities Sequencing Activity

An excellent tool to assist someone with dementia put the logical sequence in order.

Price: $59.95
adult-dry-erase-word-search-dementia-canada Dry Erase Word Search Activity Book

Dry Erase Word Search - Use it Over & Over!

Price: $69.95
adult-dry-erase-picture-crossword-dementia-canada Dry Erase Picture Crossword Puzzle Activity Book

Dry Erase Picture Crossword Puzzles - Use it Over & Over!

Price: $69.95
four-ageucation-activity-package-activity FOUR AGEUCATION ACTIVITY PACKAGE!

4 Matching, Sequencing Ageucation Activities Designed for People with Dementia

Price: $179.85