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Sort It Game
Engages the memory and encourages conversations about common objects, colours and shapes.

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Product Code: C411

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Sort It is a set of 42 real photo picture cards designed specifically for those suffering from memory loss, dementia & Alzheimer’s. Our Sort It Game is made for all levels of ability and are based upon exercises that research has shown to assist in keeping minds limber and assisting with memory.

How To Play:

The Sort It Game starts simply by choosing a blank board, and choosing to sort by one of three categories: Objects, Colors, or Shapes

Lay the 42 Real Photo Picture Cards on the table, or for later stages of memory loss we encourage the caregiver to start with 12 cards on the table, six of which will be part of the items sorted, so as to limit the options to choose from. The more cards you have to choose from the greater the difficulty level.

For Example: If you choose to sort by the color red, place six cards that have RED items on the table + add 6, 12.... etc additional cards on the table mixed in with the RED cards. The more cards you have on the table, the more thought is required when searching for the appropriate items to sort.

A terrific way to engage the player and caregiver in conversation about each item located as well to stimulate memory recall and encourage reminiscing.

There are 18 Blank Spaces on the 3 cards, and 42 Picture Cards as there are multiple ways to sort from a patient’s perspective!

Our Sort It Game Includes:
Three Boards with 6 Blank Spots on each Board
42 Picture Cards


This game was created to bring back those familiar reminders and also encourage those with dementia to engage in conversation.

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