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Education Is Key In The Alzheimer's and Dementia Communities

The Alzheimer's Store is the industry leader in products and resources to safeguard and comfort Alzheimer's and Dementia patients. Here is some informative materials to provide you with some of "the little things" you can do to improve the life of your loved one while bringing comfort to yourself and others affected by Alzheimer's and Dementia. Please know that our community is here for you and that you are not alone.

AlzStore likes Elizabeth Agnvall's article in AARP Magazine:


In Watertown, WI, the windows of six businesses display small purple angels. The decals indicate that the employees inside have been trained in recognizing customers with dementia and how best to assist them and their caregivers. At the Connection Cafe, for example, servers might encourage patrons with memory loss to simply point to which size of coffee they want. It's part of a broader effort to educate the town's 24,000 residents about dementia and to keep those who have the condition engaged in the community. The concept of making communities dementia-friendly is spreading in Europe by just taking hold in the United States, notably in Minnesota, where AARP has joined with more than 50 groups to help communities prepare for growing numbers of residents with dementia. The focus is also on those who have dementia. "We have to get rid of this fear of admitting that 'I've got dementia' or 'My loved one has dementia," says Jan Zimmerman, a nurse and administrator at Heritage Homes senior living community who initiated the effort in Watertown last year. "We're hoping to raise awareness so this is not something that hides in the closet."