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Memory Picture Phone - Amplified
This memory picture phone has ten frames for 10 pictures of friends and family; one can be used for 911 emergencies!

Price: $149.95

Product Code: 0030-1

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Memory Picture Phone

This Memory Phone does have a Red 911 Button at the top - It can be re-programmed to dial any telephone number.

This 10 Button Corded Picture Phone with amplification will ensure that the person in your life with Alzheimer's or Dementia can connect with you immediately! There's a setting so that the user has to push the red photo call button first, then the photo of the person they want to call OR you can set it so that the user only has to push the photo of the person they would like to call and the phone will dial out to the voice on the other end of this Memory Picture Phone. It is equipped with an emergency button. Although, if needed, the emergency button can be disabled, or you can program a loved-one's phone number into the 911 Red Button at the top of the phone.

Yes it does work with facilities that have to dial 9 to get an outside line, simply add a 9 in front of the 10 digit phone number.

This phone works with a regular landline.
You have to have a landline hooked up in your room/home, from your cable company. We test each phone on a landline before it leaves our warehouse, so if the phone doesn't have a dial tone, or does not dial out, check with your phone provider to ensure your phone jack is hooked up to a regular landline. This phone will not work on an intercom/internet phone service.
The phone plugs into a phone jack in the wall:

This phone will not work on an intercom/internet phone service.
Approx. Phone size: 9"L x 7"W x 3.5"H

Our Memory Picture phone is available with a speakerphone button option, a great for hands-free calls and for those with limited hand strength. With Speakerphone Click Here



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