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Adult Night Incontinence Pad

Price: $74.95

Product Code: C901

Description Product Features & Specs What We Like Best About This Product

Waterproof Absorbent Bed Pad

Keeps you dry and comfortable.
Eliminates complete bedding changes.
Machine washable and tumble dryer safe

More Information

Holds over 2000 mls (68 fl oz) of fluid over 8hrs.

This bed pad is suitable for ALL bed sizes and measures 85cm x 95cm (33.4" x 37.4"). The bound edges are very durable and ensuring a longer life.

Soft stay-dry top layer, highly absorbent slim core, breathable PUL waterproof backing and is extremely light weight.

Simply place the bedwetting pad on top of the bottom sheet; coloured side up; and lay directly on the bed pad.

The absorbent bed pad designed to ‘trap’ fluid, ensuring a comfortable; dry/night's sleep.


Eliminates complete bedding changes.

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