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Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled 25 Alarm Clock
This voice-control reminder clock is the new cutting edge product in keeping the patient independent longer!

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Reminder Rosie Voice Controlled 25 Alarm Clock

This twenty-five alarm voice-control reminder clock is the new cutting edge product in keeping the patient independent longer! The caregiver can record messages to be played at preset times in their own voice and in any language they choose. The messages can range from medication reminders to house keeping or shopping chores. If the patient is going to have company on a particular day, Reminder Rosie can be set to remind him/her in the morning of guests coming that afternoon or any other time.

Reminder Rosie allows the caregiver to record up to 25 reminders at a time. Each one can easily be turned off by saying "Reminder Off" or sweeping your hand over "Reminder Rosie." This voice controlled reminder clock is unique to the market and a caregiver will find that it curtails their stress level when used efficiently.

For some time we have been searching for a talking clock for dementia patients who experience sight and memory problems and have found this memory aid with an LED clock display to be exceptional. Caregiver's lives can be a lot less stressful with this easy to use reminder clock known as 'Reminder Rosie.

The caregiver at home or at a facility can record a reminder. One example could be, "I love you Dad, it's time to take 1 blue pill and 2 yellow pills" and this is set for 8 am daily. The reminder can be turned off by touching the clock or by saying "reminder off". The reminder keeps being repeated intermittently for up to 30 minutes.

This voice recording device must be plugged in but does have back up batteries so it can temporarily keep working during a power failure and not lose the recordings.

At The Alzheimer's Store, we are constantly looking for products that deal with that most often question, "what time is it." Now all they have to do is ask Reminder Rosie. Please watch the new video below. It will answer many of your questions.


Reminder Rosie is a 100% Hands Free Digital Alarm Clock Memory Aid with Revolutionary Speech Recognition; Records & Announces Multiple Loud Personalized Voice Alarms at a Specific Time and Date; Everyday, Weekly, Monthly & Annually. A Simple Solution to Remember Medications, Appointments, Household & Personal Tasks, Birthdays & Much More...

Reminder Rosie

How It Works:
A family member programs the clock (perhaps, "I love you, Mom. It's time to take two blue pills and one yellow pill"). Once the medicine is taken, the person either says, "reminder off" or touches it to turn it off.

A small but qualitative Government Homecare Agency in Toronto (CCAC) provided the following 3-month pilot results for Reminder Rosie:

> 86% of patients with poor medication adherence achieved a compliance rate of 80% or greater.
Approximately half of the patients who were identified as poorly adherent and participated in the study were confident using the device and found Reminder Rosie helpful and easy to use.
Projected annual savings from time spent by homecare professionals ranged between $3,000 and $6,000.


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